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Products on Special

Original Coffee Scrub - Bare
Original Coffee Scrub - Bare
You Save: R40.00

Ozone Hemp Healing Gel - The Ozone Company
Ozone Hemp Healing Gel  - The Ozone Company

Ozone Jojoba Healing Gel - The Ozone Company
Ozone Jojoba Healing Gel - The Ozone Company

Ozone Olive Healing Gell - The Ozone Company
Ozone Olive Healing Gell - The Ozone Company

Stress Relief 60 cap- Holistix
Stress Relief 60 cap- Holistix

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Here at iHeal we strive to bring you the health product you want and need.

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We have now added the Flordis product line:  Flordis products have been used worldwide for decades to help millions of people. Our natural medicines are all specifically clinically proven, which means they are the EXACT product proven safe and effective in clinical trials. We have also put this product line on Special offer


Be Smitten with your Mitten! Smittens revolutionary face cleaning mitten. Smittens totally remove makeup/waterproof mascara/ oil from skin with only warm water!


Check out the latest range to iHeal, BOM A completely natural line of Body Butters, Lip balms and Solid Perfumes!


 Completely sugar free, Diabetic Friendly sweet have atrrived at iHeal.co.za! Check out the Lekker Sweets range now!


New to iHeal, Baobab Oil and Baobab Powder. A great addition to a healthy life.


Entiro A unique, patented strain combination probiotic. entiro™ contains a 50/50 split of Lactobacillus plantarum 423 & Enterococcus mundtii ST4SA



"Calm In A Cup" Sceletia has infused the sweet flavour of Honeybush, with the mood-elevating properties of Sceletium in a tea that can be enjoyed at any time of day


Southern Cape Tea Company  The Southern Cape Tea Company is South Africa's newest organic tea grower and producer, offering a range of organic and healthy beverages produced at Kleinberg Estate in The Crags, Plettenberg Bay. Southern Cape Tea Company is one of the few tea companies making a 100% Honeybush Tea, they also make a Organic Honeybush and Rooibos tea. All of their products are 100% organic and grown indigeously in the Southern Cape Region.


Moringa World New range to iHeal, offers different products refined from the moringa tree, the most nutritious food known to man, promoting natural health and fighting malnourishment.


New to the AfrExtracts Rooibos range, Rooibos Cleansing Facial Wipes a hassle-free way to get rid of daily build-up of unwanted dirt and grime.


The new year brings new products so why not check out the new mni range on iHea.co.za!

Need help losing weight, feeling stressed, need to lower cholesterol or just want to preform at your best then mni products could be for you!


We have new banking details:

Payment Options


New Range to iHeal

Pharmaton Raises your vitality level and enhances your physical & mental well-being.


New Brand to iHeal

THRESHHold Range of Real MSM products, natures pain relief for joints, muscles, inflammation and much more.


New to iHeal!

Virya A range of herbal preparations designed to restore all the zest, virility, energy and libido that stress, modern living and the aging process robs from today's man or woman.


We have now added 

LiQua Original Smoke Juice - We have 13 flavors and they are all on Special Offer!


We have now added:

Atom E-Cigarettes


We have a new product,

SnoreMeds Everyone knows someone the snores this amazing product could be just what your looking for! 


Dermikelp have a new product so we have added it:

Dermikelp® Tissue Oil 50ml They say it is great for uneven skin tone!


The Cheeki range is back!!

Cheeki With great new designs and styles they are eco-friendly and BPA-free products that are healthy for consumers and the environment.


New product line added

Bloom Natural Products Another stunning South African home made product, Bloom Natural Products is for you and your family. Their products includes natural healing and cosmetic products which gives you a sense of body, mind and soul well being.


New product line added:

Mokuti Herbs South African products made in South African


New range added:

Citro Soda Suffering from any acid related problems? Why not try these all-in-one solutions for heartburn, indigestion, effects of UTI and even combats the effects gout and kidney stones!


We have now added:

Regal Pet Health Why not check out how to help you pets look and feel good.

  • Stress and Anxiety Remedy - Life can be just a stressful for our four legged friends as it can be for us so why not help our little friends cope better with the stress of modern day life.
  • Weight-Loss Remedy - None of us like to feel we are carrying more weight than we would like so why not give our furry friends a little helping hand.


We have now added:

Photizo Vetcare So you can now help your pets and save money on your vet bills!


New Product added:

MiGRASTICK - A natural solution against pain


New Product line added:

McNab's 100% natural feel good products for mind, body and soul


The Real Thing have a new product so we just had to add it, remember all of our The Real Thing products are still on Special offer


 Grandpa Headache Powder SA's number one pain relief is now available in iHeal.co.za




New product line added: The Olive Workshop
Product include:


We have now added the all new Herbex Slimmers Cereal. So if you need a little help with getting back into shape after the festive season here is the perfect way to start! 


We have now added The Ozone Company product, the original ozonated olive oil.  Ozone Healing Gel  has shown to be extremely successful in the treatment of eczema and many other skin ailments without the harmful side- effects.


We have now added The Olive Workshop product line. Including the amazing Kigelia & Olive Treatment Gel.  These products are made in South Africa.


We have now added Cura Soles not only can this product help bring relief to you but it also gently massages your feet as you walk. So go on treat your feet or someone eles's!


We have now added the NEW Herbex Slimmers Shake - in Strawberry So get ready to look your very best this summer!


We have now added Patrick Holford's New Range  

This product line includes:


We have now added the Linctgon product line

This product line includes:


We have added the NEW biopromulti 


We have now added Turbovite 

This product line includes:

Turbovite Decaf Syrup 200 ml  - Boost your energy with out caffeine

Turbovite Original Syrup 200ml  - With our hectic pace of today’s life we all need a little help

Turbovite Whiz Fizz 20  - The handy sachet with everything you need to get you through your busy day


We have added the new Berocca Boost 


New Products available:

Waterfall 20 soft gel capsules -  a natural product that has diuretic properties and can assist in water retention.

Prosana Hair Serum - To premote hair growth

Prosana Hair and Nail Boost Tablets 60 - Helps your with hair growth and helps you achieve stronger nails

ADDvance Multivitamin 60 - May help with momory concentration and learning


Added Zambia as a shipping destination: To see all our shipping destinations, click here


We have now added the OsteoEze product line

This product line includes:

Osteoeze Oil Formula -   If you are allergy to shellfish then OsteoEze Oil could be for you

OsteoEze Gout Formula  - To help with the pain, redness and swelling from gout

OsteoEze Acute 30 - A natural Anti-Inflammatory and Anit-Rheumatic remady


Herbex have two new exciting products:

Herbex Cellulite Gel 200ml

Herbex Cellulite 40 Tablets


We have now added the Pedi-Relax product line

This product line includes:

PEDI-Relax Anti-Rubbing Cream  -  Stops new shoes from rubbing

PEDI-Relax Diabetic's Foot Care Cream  - Suitable for Diabetics


We have now added Turokidz products 

This product line includes:

Smart Multivit + - With all the vitamins that your kids need to help them grow big. 


We have now added Controlice products 

This product line includes:

Lice Buster - Will help you remove head lice from long hair.

Liquid Spray -  A  natural oil based formula with no chemicals or poison 


We have now added the Antistax

This product line includes:

Antistax Healthy Active Legs 30 Capsules - Everything you need for happy legs


We have now added the NEW Bioharmony product line

Some of the NEW product line includes:

  • Allerex - Relief from Hayfever
  • Cinnabalance - Helps Blood sugar levels
  • H Formula- Studies have clearly linked high homocysteine levels to increased risk of coronary heart disease and stroke.


New Payment Method
Here's some good news! We now accept payment on certain Debit Cards. To use this payment method you will need the following:

  • A Standard Bank Debit Card
  • An MTN cell phone number
Select the Secure Credit Card Payment method when checking out.


New Section Eye Supplements


We have now added Holistix product line


We have now added The Real Thing product line


Added the Credé Natural Oils product full range


Added Cheeki Bottle product line


Added Dr Boxall's product line


Added Hydra product line


Added Olivea product line


Added Co-Biotic products


Added Fix-4-Nail


Added Durex products


Added Tibb Health Sciences products


Added Centrum and Scorbex products


Added Scott's Emulsion products


Added Clinica product line


Added Rehidrat in our new Hydration section -'When water just won't do' 


Major overhaul of the menu systemfor choosing products on the left. Lots of new categories added: Kids health, Essentials for Him/deodorants, Everyday Essentials/deodorants, Mother and Baby/Baby Health and a whole new Beauty section.


Added Femolene product line


Added Créche Guard product line


Added Exfoliac product line


Articles page added with 3 articles


Added PharmaChoice product line


Added Dermikelp product line


Added Herbex product line


Added Moducare product line


Added Pinnacle product line


Added the Gift Voucher concept


Added Bob Martin product line


Added Kay-9 Care product line































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