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Home Shop by Brand Zinplex Zinplex Treatment Gel 50ml - Zinplex
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Zinplex Treatment Gel 50ml - Zinplex
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Zinplex Treatment Gel 50ml - Zinplex

Price: R96.00

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The Zinplex Treatment Gel contains Zinc and Kalahari Melon Extract which are bonded to yeast cells for maximum absorption through the skin. The Zinc is placed within the skin to act against the pimples & acne, and assist in the cleansing process of the skin. Regular use of the Zinplex Treatment Gel may clarify the skin, reduce oiliness and improve the skins texture and tone. This product is suitable for normal, oily and problematic skin types.

Does Zinplex Treatment Gel really work?

The House of Zinplex has developed three skin products to be taken in combination with Zinplex Tablets as we had received many requests for a complete facial regimen. Both the Zinplex Facial Wash and the Zinplex Treatment Gel contain Zinc and Kalahari Melon Extract which are bonded to yeast cells for maximum absorption through the skin. This is a first in South Africa and ensures that the Zinc is placed within the skin to combat acne and assist in the cleansing process of the skin. The Facial range is manufactured for us under our license by CW Pharmaceuticals. They are a registered manufacturer with all the relevant licenses with a GMP (Good Management Practice) certificate which is essential for the manufacture of products into the local and international pharmaceutical markets.

Is it safe to use Zinplex Treatment Gel?

Yes, it is safe to use for long term periods as long as the patient follows the recommended instructions on the packaging. From an efficacy point of view, each batch manufactured is sent away for analysis to ensure that all the active ingredients are in the product in terms of the required recipe laid down for the product. This procedure applies to all products manufactured under the Zinplex banner.

How soon will I notice the positive effects of the Zinplex Treatment Gel my skin?

Each person’s make up is different which makes this question very difficult to give a direct answer, but generally one should see results within a two week period if used according to the manufacturers recommended suggestions.

Zinplex Treatment Gel Form.

The Zinplex Treatment Gel comes in a blue 50ml plastic tube with a security seal on it. It is in a clear liquid form.

How long will Zinplex Treatment Gel keep my skin clear?

What if I stop using it?If it is been used for the treatment and control of pimples and acne it is suggested to use the Zinplex Treatment Gel daily. 80% of teenage and adolescence pimples and acne is usually as a result of a hormonal and immune system problem. If you are a patient that has a pimple and acne problem, then you will have to take something indefinitely. The Zinplex range has been formulated for this purpose and be taken safely for long periods of time or indefinitely if needed.  Should you stop the use of any pimple and acne product, there is a good chance that the pimples will appear again because of the fact that it is related to the hormonal and immune system that is not working optimally.

How many times per day should I use Zinplex Treatment Gel? For how long do I use it for?

It is suggested that one uses the Zinplex Treatment Gel twice per day as per the recommended application.

What ingredients is Zinplex Treatment Gel composed of?

Zinplex Treatment Gel contains Acnacidol which has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and assists in the reduction of the sebum synthesis.

Acnacidol is a new synthetic active ingredient aimed at re-establishing the physiological balance in acne-prone skin. Acnacidol 10-HDA is a hydroxy acid naturally present in Royal Jelly. Clinical studies performed with Acnacidol revealed highly effective sebo-regulating activities. Acnacidol has also been proven to assist with the reducing of skin rashes, itching, healing of small lesions, skin irritations and insect bites. It also helps to soothe the “razor bump” rash experienced by men who shave.

Zinplex Treatment Gel also has a moisturizer which assists to give the skin a silky feeling and helps it to retain its elasticity whilst having a fresh ozonic marine fragrance with a touch of moss and lavender.

Is Zinplex Treatment Gel vegetarian and/or kosher?

Yes, both as there is no animal based product used in the manufacture and preservation of the Zinplex Treatment Gel.

Has Zinplex Treatment Gel been tested on animals?

Absolutely NOT.

Is it advisable for children to use Zinplex Treatment Gel?

Yes young children can use the Zinplex Treatment Gel, it is suggested from the age of 10 years.

Are there any side-effects when using Zinplex Treatment Gel?

The Zinplex Treatment Gel could cause a drying out of the skin, but generally there are no side effects unless the person has any sensitivity to the ingredients in the composition of the product.

Is Zinplex Treatment Gel all natural?

Yes it is.

I have dry skin should I use Zinplex Treatment Gel?

Yes you can but bear in mind that it could tend to dry out the skin even more, so it is strongly advised that one uses the Zinplex Moisturizer after treatment.

I have oily skin, should I use Zinplex Treatment Gel?

Yes, the Zinplex Treatment Gel is designed for oily skin types and assists with the reduction of sebum production which is one of the factors contributing to oily skin types.




Apply twice daily after cleansing, taking care to avoid the sensitive eye areas.

For improved results, use with Zinplex Facial Wash.


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