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Home Articles
Dermikelp - Information on Kelp


The Benefits of Seaweed and the Cellburst Process

Seaweed has long been known to have beneficial properties and the first use of seaweed was by farmers in Scotland and Ireland who would gather cast seaweed after a storm and plough it into their lands. This resulted in increased crop yields.
Seaweeds are classified into three main groups depending on coloration which are the reds, greens and brown species. The reds and greens tend to be small species while some of the browns are large and these are called kelp.

Ecklonia maxima is one of the larger kelp species and is prolific along the west coast of South Africa. The largest concentrations are in Cape Town where we harvest the fresh kelp. The west coast boosts the best growing conditions for kelps worldwide. These are plenty of sunshine, pollution free seas which in summer provide cold, nutrient rich waters which have up-welled from the Antarctic. Also of great important are the almost continuous swells that roll in from the Atlantic. Ecklonia prefers turbulent seas to reach maximum growth. The kelp is harvested by divers who cut the stems just above the holdfast.

Ecklonia does not have a root system but is anchored to the rock by what is called the holdfast. The kelp is immediately transported to the factory which is close by and which processes for us.

There it undergoes the cellburst process. The kelp is firstly cut into very small pieces with a size of about 1-2 mm square. The kelp is then put under a pressure of 600 atmospheres (bar) and the particles are compressed. If one thinks of the original particles as the size of a football then they are in comparison squashed to the size of a pea. The pressure is then released and the particles try to go back to their original size. In doing so the cell walls of the cells are ruptured and the contents released.

The kelp has now been converted to the smallest size possible without destroying any of its beneficial properties which would have been the case had heating or chemicals been used to reduce its size. The cell sap which contains many of the beneficial components can now be used in the final manufactured products. Without using the cellburst process many of the beneficial compounds would remain unavailable. These compounds are trace elements, minerals, amino acids, vitamins and the many types of carbohydrates which give the kelp its slimy feel. Kelps also contain fucoidan which has been shown to reduce cancers.

Ecklonia is also a very special kelp as it has properties not found in other kelps or seaweed. When cellburst and manufactured into the various products it has been shown to greatly assist in skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema. There are several large French seaweed companies which supply mainly the Health Spa market. They have many products but not one of them can claim the skin curative properties as found in our products. One therefore has to conclude that Ecklonia is unique and the use of the cellburst process enables its' full potential to be realized.

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Benefits of Ecklonia maxima

Ecklonia maxima kelp flourishes on rocky reefs off the coast of the western tip of Africa where the pristine, icy Benguela current sweeps up from Antarctica.  This current keeps the kelp fronds in constant motion, bathing them in the tumultuous, nutrient-rich ocean, causing the kelp to grow extremely rapidly.  Ecklonia kelp has developed a strong and rubbery cell structure which enables it to thrive in the violent wave action present on this coastline. The strength of this marine plant is due to the presence of high levels of organic gels within its kelp tissue. In addition to organic gels, the kelp has significant amounts of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids.

Organic Gels:  Ecklonia kelp has a high content of organic gels including alginates.

Enzymes:  Kelp, due to its extremely fast growth rate, is a rich source of enzymes.  The cellburst process applied to freshly harvested Ecklonia Kelp ensures that the fragile enzymes remain unaltered.

Amino Acids:  Amino acids, the building blocks of life, are present in kelp. Ecklonia kelp contains 7 of the 9 essential amino acids and 7 of the 11 non-essential amino acids, thus 14 of the 20 amino acids necessary for human growth.

Vitamins:  The vitamins present in Ecklonia kelp sap are in a natural, plant- based, easy-to-assimilate biological form.  Here is a quick overview of these vitamins and their functions in the body:

  • Vitamin A - Essential for vision, cell growth and reproduction, Immune system function
  • Vitamin B1 - Carbohydrate assimilation, Proper nerve function, Energy transformation
  • Vitamin B2 - Fat assimilation, Energy transformation
  • Vitamin B3 - Fat and carbohydrate assimilation, Energy transformation
  • Vitamin B5 - Fat metabolism, Energy transformation
  • Vitamin C - Builds connective tissue, hormones and neurotransmitters, Antioxidant
  • Folic Acid - A catalyst in RNA and DNA synthesis

Minerals:  Scientists are aware of at least 60 trace minerals found in the tissue of kelp.  Kelp cytoplasm has a wide array of minerals present in an easy to assimilate, biologically-active form.  Some of the minerals found in kelp and the potential benefits of them are as follows:
  • Boron - Mineral assimilation, Nerve function, Energy utilization, Hormone production
  • Cobalt - Growth regulation essential in the formation of B12, red blood cells and hormones.
  • Copper - Fat assimilation, Protein and collagen formation, Nerve and immune function
  • Fluoride - Teeth structure
  • Iodine - Proper metabolic functioning, Wound healing
  • Iron - Blood formation, Oxygen transportation
  • Manganese - Fat and carbohydrate assimilation, Antioxidant formation
  • Molybdenum - Cofactor in many enzymes
  • Zinc - Essential for growth and development, Wound healing, Immune function, Protein synthesis and antioxidant formation

This information is supplied by Dermikelp - Kelp products


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