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Ozone Olive Healing Gell - The Ozone Company
Ozone Olive Healing Gell - The Ozone Company

Original Coffee Scrub - Bare
Original Coffee Scrub - Bare
You Save: R40.00

Stress Relief 60 cap- Holistix
Stress Relief 60 cap- Holistix

Ozone Jojoba Healing Gel - The Ozone Company
Ozone Jojoba Healing Gel - The Ozone Company

Ozone Hemp Healing Gel - The Ozone Company
Ozone Hemp Healing Gel  - The Ozone Company

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Vitamin & Mineral Guide Print






Upper Limit


Vitamin A5,000IU  10,000 IUEssential for proper vision and fighting infection. Maintains health of skin & mucus membranes. Food sources include fortified dairy products & liver. Brightly colored vegetables supply beta carotene, which the body can convert into vitamin A.
Vitamin C60 mg2,000 mgImportant water-soluble antioxidant, protecting many delicate body tissues from damage caused by internal & environmental factors. Required for the formation of collagen, the key structure in all body tissues; skin, hair, nails, joints, bone.
Vitamin E30 IU1,500 IUPowerful fat-soluble antioxidant that combats harmful effects of free radicals. Protects cell membranes & promotes cardiovascular health by maintaining optimal ratio of “good” to “bad” cholesterol. Necessary for proper wound healing, combats exercise-induced muscle damage.
Vitamin D400 IU2,000 IUFat-soluble vitamin required for proper absorption of calcium & phosphorus. May be obtained in the diet or by exposure of the skin to sunlight. Vitamin D aids in the absorption of calcium from the intestinal tract and the breakdown and assimilation of phosphorous, which is required for bone formation.
Vitamin K80 mcgUndefined Critical for proper blood clotting. New research indicates important role in promoting strong bones & heart health.
Vitamin B-11.5mgUndefinedThe entire B-vitamin “family” is essential to conversion of food to energy. B1 helps keep mucous membranes healthy and is essential for nervous system, cardiovascular and muscular function.
Vitamin B-21.7 mgUndefinedWorks in concert with other B vitamins. Maintains red cell production, healthy skin & mucous membranes. Especially important for proper eye function.
Vitamin B-320 mg35 mgRequired for proper digestive system function. Promotes normal appetite and healthy skin and nerves. May help protect brain cell function over time
Vitamin B-62 mg100 mgPlays an important role in the formation and health of red blood cells and blood vessels, nerve function, gums and teeth. Required for metabolism of protein; maintains mood, mental function & cardiovascular health.
Vitamin B-126 mcgUndefinedWorks with folic acid to produce healthy red blood cells. Helps maintain >cognitive function & healthy nerves. Supplements can be helpful as we get older because the ability to absorb B12 from food declines with aging
Folic Acid400mcg1,000 mcgWorks with B12 to form red blood cells. Involved in the regulation of sleep, mood and appetite; excellent for heart health. Significantly lowers risk of neural tube defects in fetus. Supplements may be a more dependable source than foods.
Biotin300mcgUndefinedFacilitates metabolism of protein, carbohydrates, and especially fats. Provides for healthy skin, hair & nails; important for maintaining proper blood glucose levels.
Pantothenic Acid          10 mgUndefinedKey energy-producing nutrient. Essential for mental function & stress response. Enables muscular control & enhances immune function. Because of its role in fat utilization, pantothenic acid helps maintain favorable levels of triglycerides & cholesterol





Upper Limit




2,500 mg99% of the body’s calcium is used to build bones & teeth. The remaining 1% helps control major body functions such as muscle contraction, heartbeat, blood clotting. Low calcium levels are correlated with high blood pressure & increased risk of certain cancers.  Adequate intake over a lifetime is a key to good health.
Chromium120 mcgUndefinedActivates insulin for proper blood sugar control. Especially important for those with “Syndrome X”, or insulin resistance, which may precede Type II diabetes. Regulates cholesterol & triglycerides for healthy hearts and efficient weight management.
Copper2 mg10 mgWorks with iron in red blood cells to transport oxygen. Strengthens bones; helps regulate cholesterol & contributes to the body’s antioxidant defense network.
Iron 18 mg45 mgBecause iron’s chief role is to carry oxygen in the blood, iron deficiency can result in significant fatigue. Iron is also>  used to produce vital blood proteins and is involved in food metabolism, digestion, elimination & circulation.  BE SURE TO CONSULT YOUR MEDICAL PRACTIONER BEFORE TAKING IRON SUPPLEMENTS.
Iodine150mcg 1,100 mcgIodine is used by the thyroid gland for the production of thyroid hormones. Thyroid hormones are necessary for cells to manufacture proteins and for cellular metabolism. Iodine is necessary to metabolize fat & is critical for the development of the brain, for growth, and for maintaining energy levels.
Magnesium400 mg350 mg1Required to extract energy from the foods we eat. Also critical for relaxation of muscles; contributes to heart health by providing for proper relaxation between beats. Helps calm nerves & enables calcium to be made into bone. Improves insulin actiity.
Manganese2 mg11 mgRequired for healthy skin, bone, and cartilage & the prevention of osteoporosis. Improves glucose levels, and helps to activate antioxidant enzymes. Beneficial for the production of collagen in the joints. Essential cofactor for energy production and the metabolism of protein, cholesterol and fats.
Molybdenum75 mcg 2,000 mcg
Trace mineral needed for the proper metabolism of sulfur-containing proteins, like those of the skin, hair & nails. Required for proper function of the body’s detoxification processes.
Selenium 70 mcg400 mcg An essential trace mineral, selenium is crucial to the production of antioxidant enzymes in the body.  Works in concert with vitamins C and E to protect cell membranes and red blood cells from oxidative damage. Bolsters immune function, aids male fertility.
Phosphorus1,000mg4,000 mgMajor mineral, along with calcium, required for the formation of bones. Also forms an integral part of DNA  & cell membrane structures. Phosphorus is also critical in maintaining the body’s chief energy compound, ATP.
Zinc 15 mg 40 mg Zinc is required for protein synthesis, collagen formation, and the function of the immune system. Essential to the body’s ability to taste and smell and to heal wounds. Maintains prostate health. Vital for bone formation and to enable the action of insulin.


Please consult your medical practitioner before taking nutritional supplements.


RDI is now used instead of the Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) which were established by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in nutrition labeling. These levels were set as a defensive measure to prevent overt deficiency symptoms. Many nutritionists now recommend higher levels to attain optimum health.

Upper Limit:

The maximum level of daily nutrient that is likely to pose no risk of adverse effects.


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